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Speak with The Art Yard Team about your Solo Show requirements and to confirm availability.

Make your Solo Show a success by:

• Arrange what times you will be at T.A.Y to speak with visitors about your Solo Show

• In advance of your Solo Show distribute posters and send email invitations to attract visitors

• Invite your friends to meet you at T.A.Y to look around your exhibition

• Forward digital photo images of your art to T.A.Y team to help with promoting your work

• Post images from your exhibition on social media; update your website and news blogs

2021 - Dates:  Mon to Sat

Bookings are being pencilled in but are subject to change:

1: Life Drawing - dates to be fixed

2: Print - dates to be fixed

Solo Shows:

17 - 22 May
21 - 26 June
26 - 31 July & 2 - 7 August
6 - 11 September
11 - 16 October

15 - 20 November

Solo Show Notes:-

(1)  Available hanging space includes all of the front gallery and front gallery window.

(2)  Booking fee: a deposit of £50 is payable in advance on submitting your application (non-refundable) 

      The balance of £25 is payable at the end of the Solo Show  (Total = £75).

(3)  Please ensure all your work is 'Ready to Hang' and has either a cord or hanging bracket attached:

      The gallery has picture rails, chains, slat walls, moulding hooks and adjustable easels to showcase art work

      TAY equipment and tools are used at your own risk,

      Step ladders should only be used within safe limits and only when assisted by a second person,

      If you require additional information or support TAY team will be pleased to help.

(5)  Gallery users are not permitted to charge other artists to hang work or to charge for entrance to the gallery.

(6)  Opening hours: See MFAA website for gallery and studios opening hours.

(7)  Private views and additional events must be by invitation only and may incur additional charges

(7)  The artist agrees that TAY (MFAA) may copy and publish images of the art submitted in publications

       and on social media in perpetuity. All other rights are reserved with the copyrights holders.

(8)  TAY (MFAA) curatorial team reserve the right to remove exhibited art works and exclude individuals.

* View Solo Show full Terms and Conditions at: