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Cradley Heath Green Landscapes project a complete success

After almost 2 years of setbacks due to Covid-19 restrictions Cradley Heath Green Landscapes project get the 'GREEN LIGHT' from The Art Yard team and is holding its premiere exhibition at the gallery in Reddal Hill Road from 12th April 2021.

It was back in April 2019 that professional artist and project lead Martyn Harris applied to Arts Council England for funding to run the community engagement project that would see artists visiting Cradley Heath's main green open spaces to create landscapes art. The program of commissions and gatherings of creative people was originally due to last 12 months but the imposition of progressively longer lock-downs and Tier 4 restrictions meant that the project timescale had to be lengthened on several occasions with ACE approval.

The outcome is that commissioned artists and the community had stuck to the task by engaging when safe to do so too produce a wonderful series of landscapes 2D, 3D, crafts and poetry landscapes art.

Project lead, Martyn Harris, said, "Managing the project under the additional and sometimes intense pressure of Covid lockdown and social distancing meant that planning and organising community events became an ever changing feast of disappointments and triumphs. But, thanks to the support from community artists, the exhibition now on show at The Art Yard is in celebration of what I think we all see as the beginning of the end of a most traumatic national emergency and global pandemic. I am very grateful to all of the artists and to Arts Council England for supporting the project."


Midland Film and Art


Midland Film and Art is a membership club where people can enjoy screenings of films or view artwork and crafts that would otherwise not be shown in mainstream cinemas or exhibitions, or be available locally. These shows usually have an educational aim, introducing new audiences to different audiovisual works through screening and display, encouraging participation in arts and crafts. A common feature that may characterize a Midland Film and Art meeting is that they either begin with an introduction to the audience and/or end with the promotion of a discussion about the film/art, where assistants, organizers and sometimes the filmmakers/artists themselves, exchange their views.

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