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Who are we:

The Art Yard is managed by Midland Film And Art [MFAA] a group constituted in 2014 to promote art education in communities and to advance activities to do with art, craft, film and associated techniques.

The Art Yard program ('Time For TAY')
The Art Yard program on BLACK COUNTRY Xtra is a pre-recorded digital broadcast by TAY presenters who are keen to transmit information about arts, crafts and spoken-word activities from around the Black Country

'Friends' of The Art Yard
'Friends' of TAY contribute to the running costs of the gallery, studios and activities, as well as volunteering to curate exhibitions and facilitate art classes. Their contributions subsidise artists' exhibition fees.

TEL: 01384 910968

About TAY


The Art Yard gallery and studios is managed by a dedicated group of volunteers who give their time freely to curate exhibitions so that other artists can benefit from reduced fees for hanging work.  If you are interested in joining the team then please get in touch by email or telephone.

Who are we:     The Art Yard Team  (mouse-over photos to follow links)

Martyn winner DSAA_edited.jpg
Andy Evans (Weird Systems)
Sharron Browne
Kayla Freeman.JPG
Jemma Haley
Warren McCabe-Smith_edited.jpg
At Black Country Extra[2]_edited.jpg
Peter Lopeman
Kieran Mills 4.jpg


Become a sponsor of The Art Yard 

Our sponsors are passionate about advancing all aspects of the arts. They do this for Midland Film And Art group by contributing resources toward the running costs of the gallery, studios and art activities programme.

Other 'Friends' support the groups activities in difference ways..

If you'd like to know more about becoming a sponsor, please contact The Art Yard team or speak with one of our volunteers.


Cradley Heath Film


Alchemy of Light

Art Afloat Ltd

Bearmore Bears

Dunns Imaging Ltd

Forbes Brown

Gerry Stokes

Gregg Broad

H-ARTS Entertainment

Martyn Harris

Sharron Browne

Stan Tucker



Brian Webster

Chloe Hamblett

Daisy Tinsley

Gregg Broad

John Lloyd

Julie White

Karen Brinton

Keith Reynolds

Natalie Brooks

Peter Lopeman

Sandra Robinson

Shaz Saleem

Cradley Heath Film (Patron)
Alan Glover (AofL)
Weird Systems Ltd [card]
Jennie Russell-Smith
Sonia Beynon (Bearmore Bears)
Express Taxis
Gerry Stokes
Harry Bloomer (h-arts)
Martyn Harris ARBSA
DUNNS Imaging
Peter Lopeman
Warren McCabe-Smith [WOZART]
Midland Film And Art
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