Who are we:

The Art Yard is the home of Midland Film And Art [MFAA] and is managed by volunteers. The group was constituted in 2014 to help improve the education of the public and to promote activities to do with art, film and craft work, and associated techniques.

How is The Art Yard funded:

Friends of The Art Yard sponsorship helps pay the running costs of the facility and to part resource the activities that take place within the gallery and studios. Those voluntary financial contributions subsidise the amount that artist exhibiting at The Art Yard have to put towards hanging fees and display costs.

Where are we going:

For the artists the plan is to build on each success, exhibition and display going forward; to achieve a high reputation for providing a user friendly facility open to all artists, where their work can be recognised, appreciated and promoted.

For the public the intention is to offer an open door where they have the opportunity to access, experience and share in the enjoyment of a wide variety of art and craft.

What will the outcomes be:

The records of our achievements, what progress is being made and how the public have been involved and participated in the arts are regularly reported upon in MFAA NEWS.