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Work Experience

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T: 01384 910968


Midland Film And Art (MFAA) is a constituted group based at The Art Yard (TAY) gallery and studios on the A4100, 19 - 20 Upper High Street, Cradley Heath.
B64 5HX. Collectively our volunteers have a wide range of specialist art skills and work knowledge, which they offer to share with students undertaking work experience placements.

TAY is a community based art space where people visit to; view and purchase artwork, participate in art sessions, commission work, obtain valuations, get feed-back, showcase artwork, sell work, or simply to chat and pass the time.

MFAA members engage with a wide range of other art and community activities outside of The Art Yard environment that would benefit students learning. Student curators must agree to engage fully with all MFAA activities when opportunities arise to broaden their work experience and agree to have their photograph taken for use at the discretion of TAY team

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