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In 2016 a meeting took place at The Art Yard gallery in Cradley Heath to discuss running a project that would include poets and artists working together, followed by an exhibition of their work at the gallery.


A name was needed for the project and Warren McCabe-Smith (Chair of MFAA) suggested it should be called 'PoArtry'.  Rick Sanders was present at the meeting and agreed to manage the project.  What followed was the first of many similar PoArtry projects held country-wide. 

2023_11-28 PoArtry 3.jpg

Po-Artry at The Art Yard 28/11/2023

P03 01 by Jayne Rowles
P03 02 Sue Deeming
P03 03 David Williams [Chief]
P03 04 Liz Parkes
P03 05 John Langford
P03 06 Stan Tucker
P03 07 Johnny Mogs Morris
P03 08 Lee Benson
P03 09 Maddie Williams
P03 10 Stan Bloxham
P03 11 Jeremy Grant (Jez Poetic)
P03 12 by Terry Evans (Gallipoli Poem)
P03 13 Mike Alma
P03 19 Stan Tucker
P03 20 Liz Parkes
P03 21 Johnny Mogs Morris
P03 22 John Langford
P03 14 Lee Benson
P03 15 Stan Bloxham
P03 16 Sue Deeming
P03 17 David Williams
P03 18 Maddie Williams

The next year saw the poem 'Portrait Of A Poet' written by Glen Phillips recorded as a movie by Cradley Heath Film and produced by MFAA(The Art Yard).  Since 2017, MFAA(TAY) has gone on to produce many collaborative projects involving; songwriters, musicians, poets and artists.

Work experience graphic design student Yang Hang from Halesowen College took part in producing the poem movie short 'Pride Of The Black Country' while on placement at the gallery in February 2018.

The film produced by Midland Film And Art members was mainly illustrated using the paintings and sketches of A Ewart Chapman and demonstrates how poetry and art can often work in harmony to showcase historical facts.

Tightening the Bundle of Sticks
The Brook.jpg

Click on images to view poems
The above poems and songs were produced as part of a Green Landscapes project artists led by Martyn Harris and funded by Arts Council England.

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