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Telephone: 01384 910968

DATES:   The next Open Exhibition

    takes place: from 01/06/24 to 29/06/24


  • From £5 p/piece up to <50cm

  • Student discount 20%  (*Under >20yrs).

  • For every 4x standard pieces <50cm users
    get to hang 1x standard <50cm piece Free.

  • Commission is charged at 15% on all sales

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Latest poster

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(1)  Booking fee: 5 days (Mon, Tue, Wed, & Fri, Sat:  
      Area A = £50 and/or Areas B = £50   (non-refundable) 

      + Opening event (Monday evening = + £25

(2)  The gallery has picture rails, grid mesh, moulding hooks and easels

      TAY equipment and tools are used at your own risk.

(3)  Gallery users are not permitted to charge other artists to hang work

       or to charge for entrance to the gallery.

(4)  Opening hours: See MFAA website for opening hours.

(5)  Private views and additional events must be by invitation only

(6)  Users agree TAY(MFAA) may copy and publish images in publications

       and on social media in perpetuity. All other rights are reserved.

(7)  TAY(MFAA) reserve the right to remove art and exclude individuals.

Spotter Otter [Ollie]

Solo - Dates 2024

Bookings subject to change:

05 - 10 February (*Life)
11 - 16 March (H'owen A/C)
15 - 20 & 
22 - 27 April
20 May - 01 June (*JL)
01 - 06 July 

05 - 10 August
09 - 14 September

14 - 19 October

18 - 23 November

Artisan Fayre.jpg

From time to time we hold Artist Showcase events where artists can present their work and get positive feedback from attendees.

Craft Fayres are held seasonally, every 3 months. The fayres provide opportunities for artisan crafters to show their skill and sell their products 

2024_03-26 Draft.jpg

Picture Framing

We can signpost customers to local framing services.   Please contact The Art Yard for further details. 

How to DO it

How NOT to frame it. 

No Eyelets.JPG

Making your exhibition a success:

• Actively promote your own work and invite your friends to meet you at The Art Yard to look around the exhibition

• Distribute TAY's posters; follow, like and share our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube posts.

• Encourage people to join our email mailing list so they remain up-to-date with exhibitions and events

• Forward digital photo images of your submission to help us with promoting your exhibition

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