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Cradley Heath Challenge
(Competition Results)



WINNER:  Ben Poultney polled 14% of the votes for his digital art imagery entitled 'Cradley Heath' and is the winner of Cradley Heath Challenge.


Ben gets to hold an free exhibition of his at The Art Yard between now and December 2018 and on any wall of his choice in the front gallery.  His winning entry will be displayed at The Art Yard for 2 weeks from 12th to 24th March 2018 and in  addition an image of Ben’s winning entry will be posted to social media (TAY has over >900 Facebook followers).

RUNNER UP:  Rachel Massey polled 11% of the vote with her print and mixed media picture of 'Cradley Heath Station'. 


Rachel get to hang 5 pieces of her art free in the front gallery at The Art Yard.  


Also, her runner up entry will be displayed in TAY gallery front window until 24th March 2018 and the image will be posted on TAY social media platforms.

Thanks to everyone who took part and to those who voted in the competition

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