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Preselected competition exhibition entries

*NB. Should you have difficulties accessing and completing the Competition Entry Form then download the form and complete it in handwriting. Photograph the completed form and email that as your competition entry. Do not forget to attach copies of your 2D, 3D, Photos or Poems.

Competition Guide

“May The 4th Be With You”


*Closing date for the competition is mid-night on Saturday, 4th May 2024

Competition Entry Form copies can be obtained from The Art Yard.
     When complete they can be handed in at the gallery.

       However, attachments should be emailed as indicted below. 

Competition Brief

In the Star Wars media franchise the uplifting phrase, “May the force be with you” is used to imply future success or good fortune. Since 1977 both Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Company have embraced use of the expression “May the 4th be with you” as each year more people celebrate Star Wars Day on May, 4th .


The Art Yard (TAY) team have decided to set a light hearted art competition that is intended to be uplifting, loosely based around the saying “May the 4th be with you”.



1. TAY recommends you read this Guide carefully before entering the competition.

2. You are invited to enter work that is uplifting (implying future success or good fortune).

3. There are 4 categories of entry into the competition:

    Category A. 2D art (original painting, drawing, print, craft, etc.) under <1.5m in any direction.

    Category B. 3D sculpture or other arts & crafts.

    Category C. Photography

    Category D. Poetry

4. Artists can submit up to 5 entries, either into a single category or different categories

5. Competition Entry Forms and Guidelines can be downloaded at    Art Competition | mfaa

6. To entry the competition: Email or hand in your Competition Entry Form to The Art Yard.

7. The competition entry deadline is 12mid-night, on Saturday, 4th May 2024.


Payment to enter

8. Each entry costs £2. (Therefore, a maximum of 5x entries = £10).

9. How to pay:    Payment should be made either at The Art Yard or direct by Bank transfer to:

    Bank: Lloyds Bank

    Acc Name: Midland Film And Art

    Sort Code: 30–92–35

    Account No: 17928460


How to Submit Your Competition Entry Form

10. If you have difficulties editing the Competition Entry Form, download a copy and complete the form in handwriting.

11. Entrants should complete and submit a single Competition Entry Form showing all entries.

12. All entries should have a title.

13. The name or identity of the artist/poet must not appear on the front of the work itself.

14. The medium used must be clearly stated on the Competition Entry Form.

15. Entrants must be 18 years and above on 4th May 2024.

16. With each work entered onto the Competition Entry Form artists/poets should attach with their email:

      Category A. 2D - A Jpeg image of the work.

      Category B. 3D - Two Jpeg images taken at different angles.

      Category C. Photograph - A Jpeg image.

      Category D. Poem - A single side A4 in .Word or .Pdf format with Title and maximum 40 lines.

17. Competition Entry Forms with all attachments should be submitted by email to:
       m i d l a n d f i l m a n d a r t @ g m a i l . c o m


Terms & Conditions

18. All work entered into the competition MUST be that created by the artist/poet.

19. By entering work into the competition, you agree that the Judges’ decision is final and that no further correspondence will be entered into.



20. The judging panel will be made up from TAY team.

21. No member of TAY team is eligible to take part in the competition.

22. Judging Criteria: Entries will be judged by TAY team using the following criteria: relative relationship to the uplifting Competition Brief, distinctiveness, aesthetic qualities (design, composition, colours/tones), concept, complexity, mood, character, selection and application of materials.

23. Preselection: The judges will use the Competition Brief, the Judging Criteria and your email attachments to select entries to the final selection.

24. Artists/poets of preselected entries will be notified by email.

25. Final Selection: To be eligible for the final selection, artists must deliver their competition entries direct to The Art Yard by a time and date given following preselection, ready for hanging/exhibition at the gallery.

26. 2D work, photographs and poems delivered to the gallery must be capable of being hung/displayed as part of a normal gallery exhibition and 3D work must be capable of being moved about the gallery easily by one person.

27. The Judges will choose 1x winning and 2x highly commended entries for each of the 4x competition entry categories (A, B, C & D).


28. The 4 winners and 8 highly commended entrants will be notified by email on 25th May 2024.


29. Entries to the final selection will be exhibited at the gallery from 28th May to 1st June 2024.

30. All artists/poets are invited to attend an Open Evening between 6:30pm and 8:00pm on Tuesday, 28th May 2024 to celebrate the work exhibited, when the results of the competition will be announced.

31. Winning and highly commended work will be showcased on MFAA(TAY) website and social media.

32. All winners will be expected to provide a short biography (80 words max) and their photograph.



33. The winner from each category (A, B, C & D) will receive an equal share of £400.

34. Certificates will be awarded to all 8 entries judged to be highly recommended.


Tel: 01384 910968

Email the gallery:



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