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Launch of World War II book by Terry Evans

News Update: At last! 'Some of Cradley's Finest - WW2' by local author Terry Evans was eventually launched on Saturday, March 3rd 2018 by Midland Film And Art at Cradley Library in Colley Lane with the help of the 'Friends' of the library group. Despite the heavy snow fall with terrible road conditions Terry was there to sign new copies of his book priced at £18 each.

Older News: 03.02.18 - Harry reported that after what felt like a marathon the publication of Terry's book was now in sight. The books had to be re-ordered from a second print company after the first business experienced difficulties just before Christmas 2017. Dudley MBC had forwarded the funds to MFAA who were waiting clearance so the new company could be given the go-ahead to begin the print run.

Sept 25, 2017: Dudley MBC have awarded £3,829 to MFAA to publish a community book written by local man Terry Evans based on Cradley connections to World War II.

MFAA members have been editing the final draft of a 600 page book charting the WWII exploits and history of men and women with Cradley connections. Val Bloomer who is leading the MFAA editing phase said, "Terry has spent many years and funded the research needed to write this epic military and civilian work. We're lucky that our local councillors understand that the book will be an important community archive and supported the MFAA application to the Community Forum of Dudley MBC for the resources to publish the work. All of the contributions of time have given free by MFAA volunteers to review and edit the book, and MFAA members are leading in negotiations with the printers to get the book published. In all this is an enormous community effort and we plan to have the book available on the shelves by Christmas."

Val went on to explain that Terry's book, 'Some of Cradley's Finest (World War II)', will be in limited edition to meet local demand.

Midland Film and Art


Midland Film and Art is a membership club where people can enjoy screenings of films or view artwork and crafts that would otherwise not be shown in mainstream cinemas or exhibitions, or be available locally. These shows usually have an educational aim, introducing new audiences to different audiovisual works through screening and display, encouraging participation in arts and crafts. A common feature that may characterize a Midland Film and Art meeting is that they either begin with an introduction to the audience and/or end with the promotion of a discussion about the film/art, where assistants, organizers and sometimes the filmmakers/artists themselves, exchange their views.

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