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Bumble Hole Conservation Group project

Club members and local filmmakers Cradley Heath Film have completed a short movie project for the Bumble Hole Conservation Group, Netherton. The film was commissioned by the conservation group as an introduction and tour of the ‘Cut n Coal’ heritage trail that follows a route around the local nature reserves of Bumble Hole and Warrens Hall along which walkers can explore the local history of canal building and coal mining. The movie has been licensed for public viewing at the Conservation Centre buildings and the group are also releasing it on DVD.

Midland Film and Art


Midland Film and Art is a membership club where people can enjoy screenings of films or view artwork and crafts that would otherwise not be shown in mainstream cinemas or exhibitions, or be available locally. These shows usually have an educational aim, introducing new audiences to different audiovisual works through screening and display, encouraging participation in arts and crafts. A common feature that may characterize a Midland Film and Art meeting is that they either begin with an introduction to the audience and/or end with the promotion of a discussion about the film/art, where assistants, organizers and sometimes the filmmakers/artists themselves, exchange their views.

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